Getting tickets should be EASY, right?

So we’ve done our best to do just that!

First, check out the season line up on our home page!  You’ll also want a brochure. It lists the concerts, the dates and a little information about each performer. Just call 541-297-4008 and ask to have a brochure sent to you. If you want, you can even come in and pick one up in person (at the office of Jay Farr at 880 S 1st St (highway 101 Northbound).

Next, either fill out the small membership area at the bottom of the brochure, make out your check and send it in (or drop it off at Jay Farr’s office) OR purchase tickets easily online using PayPal (see the Purchase Options at the bottom).

Contact Jay’s office at 541-297-4008 for individual concert ticket prices and availability.

If you’re a music lover, you want to become a member and enjoy some of the best concerts on the Oregon coast. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to call Jay Farr at anytime to ask questions.
You can reach him at 541-297-4008.

The Quebe Sisters
November 5, 2017 @

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