The Family Sound

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Derik Nelson & Family‘s signature sound features velvety three-part vocal harmonies only a family can deliver. Siblings Derik, Riana, and Dalten have been performing together since childhood. They’ve garnered over 3 million views on YouTube, and toured over 40 locations across the West Coast U.S.A. to raise money for music education. Derik has appeared regularly as the lead guitarist on television’s “Glee,” among other shows.

Derik Nelson & Family delivers a concert experience like no other, featuring pristine sound, a state of the art light show, and an integrated 20-foot video display. Derik’s interactive “clones” are featured throughout the show on the 5 screen video “wall.” The multiple “Derik clones” paint an expansive wall of sound of limitless sonic possibilities by each playing many different instruments. This innovative technical marvel uses the latest in audio/video technology to take audiences on an aural and visual journey through time, space, an impressive array of landscapes, weather conditions, and musical “settings.”

Derik Nelson & Family
October 16, 2016 @ Marshfield High School Auditorium

All events are at 3:00PM
(doors open at 2:15pm)

Latest Releases

Derik Nelson & Family has signed with national booking agency EastCoast Entertainment / ECE Touring! They recently recorded their first self-titled EP as a sibling trio.

Three part vocal harmonies, layered acoustic sounds, and clean velvety production values deliver a family sound audiences of any age will appreciate.

To better represent the trio, they’re currently recording a full-length album after debuting a 5-song promotional EP in early 2016.

Derik Nelson - Songs About Winter


“Silver Snow,” “A Hundred More Miles,” “Call Me When You’re Home,” and “New Year’s Eve” feat. Rozzi Crane are a few of the highlight tracks on this 12-song album.

“Winter is my favorite season in the Pacific Northwest. With this project, my goal was to capture the magic of the winter season with a collection of songs devoted to painting the quintessential picture of winter that I grew up cherishing as a kid.” -Derik Nelson

“Obviously I’m biased, but this is definitely my favorite wintertime playlist!! Derik has created lush orchestral arrangements of his original wintery-themed fresh songs, with layered jazz infused vocals, piano, and guitar. Several songs feature a string quartet. The entire flow of this album has created such an emotional/season specific response for me: it is one of my most favorite albums EVER to listen to in album order. Perfect for a wintery road trip or a cozy night by the fire– no matter where you live.” – Riana Nelson

Derik Nelson Band - North


“Next to Me” feat. Roy Hargrove, “How It Has To Be,” and “Forgive Me” are just a few of the most popular songs on this full band 11-track album.

“No One Has To Know” and “Call Me Out” are also highlights on the NORTH album. Derik’s jazz-infused rock edge and lyrical vulnerability is prominently showcased in this Derik Nelson “must-have”!

Released October 2010.

Derik Nelson - Stories Told To Skylines


Features popular tracks performed on Tour including “Pulling,” “Forget What’s Right,” and “Circles.”

A collection of DN originals, with an upbeat, bright, youthful feel. These pop-forward songs were primarily written during Derik’s early college years, and this album is a fan favorite!

Released June 2009.

Featured Album